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Pneumatic Case Sealer


Random case sealers self-adjust to the size of the box / carton being presented to the machine. This makes the random style case sealer a great choice when different size boxes are being used in each production run. Most random style case sealers utilize pneumatics to adjust to the size of the box being presented, therefore an air compressor is needed with most random case sealers.

Left and Right driven case sealer CS-05BZ has very good quality and competitive price. It is suitable for light or medium size and weight of cases and it has great cost performance.

Case sealer have been widely used in food, pharmaceutical, drink, tobacco, automobile, cable industries etc.



Using precise and good quality parts with world famous brands

More than 10 years design and production experiences, absorbed the world advance technology on case sealer field from Japan, Gemany, Italy etc.

Left and Right driven, more reliable. All parts passed aging test to ensure each parts working stable

According to case size, manual adjust width and height, it is simple, convenient and fast.

Sealing cases from top and bottom at the same time, high efficiency.  It can work separately and also can work with automatic packaging line.

Knife has a protection device to avoid operator was hurt by machine



Model No.:  CS-05BZ

Speed: 0-20m/min.

Maximum Case Size: Length: No limit; Width≤500mm; Height≤500mm

Minimum Case Size: Length≥150mm; Width≥150mm; Height≥140mm

Power Supply:  AC220V; 50/60HZ; 1P

Power:  240W

Tape Width: 48mm or 60mm or 75mm (choose one width)

Dimension: 1170mm(L)x900mm(W)x1350mm(H) [Length of Rollers at two ends of machine are not included ]

Weight: 170kg

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