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Medium-speed Carton Erector


Suitable for multisize carton box open and sealing carton bottom automaticlly; If need change carton size, just maual adjustment, easy to operation

Automatic open,fold and seal the carton bottom

Use PLC control with touch screen operation system, operation and maintenance simple, working stable

When folding, carton box don’t stop, folding and sealing actions were finished on carton conveying status;

It only take 3 seconds to finish open, folding and sealing process, working high efficiency and convenient

Use this machine, it can save 2-3 labor costs, save 5-10% consumable material costs, improve 30% efficiency and ensure packing standard



Model No.: CS-02K

Production Capacity: 15-18pcs/min.

Carton Storage: 100pcs(1000mm)

Carton Box Size: L:200-450mm; W: 150-400mm; H: 100-350mm(Smallest size cannot occur at the same time)

Power Source: AC220V;1P; 200W

Air Source: 6kg/cm2

Air Consumption:5-6kg/cm2; 150NL/min.

Working Table Height:610-650mm

Dimension: L2300xW2000xH1450mm

Tape Size: 48/60/75mm

Weight: 600kg

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